No, at least not while you are conscious and aware of your surroundings. You see, Tulpanism is an organization you must 'know' you need to join. If you feel that there is much more to the world then you are being told, then you are most likely a member-to-be. Most people who would like to join never do because they are unaware that a Tulpan is not permitted to solicit new members.
If you are interested in membership, or desire more information, feel free to approach a Tulpan and satisfy yourself concerning what Tulpanism is all about. However, you may find this extremely difficult seeing as there are only a few hundred thousand members worldwide (and most of those are located in Greenland). The odds that you will accidentally run into a Tulpan in your average day are unfortunately unlikely. If you are fortunate enough to encounter a Tulpan, he/she will not solicit you. Tulpan’s believe that one must ask to join of their own free will. Don't worry, your will be relived of your free will after joining.
Membership in the Grand Order of the Gilded Lodge of Tulpan Endeavors is open to all people, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, favorite flavor or number of fingers. Those accepted for membership must be of good character and have a need to understand the universe and everything in it.
A candidate for membership must first approach the Guild in writing with a fully filled out application or 'petition'. Said petition is read aloud at the next Guild meeting (held every 13th day of the month) and referred to a committee, usually composed of five members (of atleast Luminary rank), who take the petition and evaluate it for it's applicant's adeptness at filling it out. Once the committee returns, usually on the first full moon of the month (no mystical reason for this, they just decided that that was mysterious) the applicant is voted on by a secret ballot of lodge members. If accepted, the applicant is awarded the title of 'Tulpan Aspirant'. The Apirant has the option of advancement through the initiation process.
There are five basic levels of Tulpanism - Aspirant, Tyro, Luminary, Baconian and Tulpan Savant, which are conferred at five separate meetings throughout the year. There is also an extra rank of Tulpan Thoth, which is confirmed upon Educators of Tulpan Ideals, (in other words, teachers).The solemn process is an enlightening and befuddling experience for the candidate with little to no permanent damage. The ritual is very simple and can be done by the candidate him/herself, as long as they are willing to undertake it.

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