Tulpans are dedicated to better understanding the universe. For as Hale Tender once said, "If one does not comprehend one's own home, then how can one expect to happily live in it?"
Tulpans join together, sometimes by staying apart, in lodges to help each other intensify their understanding and imaginations.
They gather to contribute to each other’s abilities, be it in the form of a mass 'draw-in' or focused contemplation on a single mystery. Tulpans are known to gather in the middle of the night for astronomical observations in conjunction with cosmological musings.
No..and yes. It is not a malevolent society in any way and is always open to new members to join. However, its inherent obscure nature reduces its profile considerably. Although in the 1700's several Tulpan Lodges were broken up by local magistrates fearing it's unusual nature. From its onset Tulpanism has been seen as a cult or secret society that threatened towns or villages.This is pure propaganda. Tulpans are not secretive about their memberships in Lodges and proudly wear Tulpan lapel pins, vests and scarves.
People of every walk of life belong to Tulpan Lodges. They may be as visible as performance artists and writers, or citizens working in your local government and universities. Libraries and museums also harbor Tulpan activities as well. A Tulpan may be your professor, your family physician or even the head cook at your favorite eatery.
Unfortunately, some Tulpans refuse to admit their membership in public in fear that it may damage their standing in society. This fear stems from the great 'Lock Out' in the mid 1920's when members of Lodges were refused jobs due to their overt membership to Tulpanism. As a result of the Lock Out, many modern-day Tulpans will feign ignorance when Tulpanism is brought up in conversation.
A Tulpan lodge usually meets once a month, on the new moon, to conduct business, vote in new members, create and discuss various theories of everything.
Life-long friendships and mental enrichment are often the by-products of membership. Special meetings are held on the 13th day of the month, if they correspond with a full moon.

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