The PTA heirarchy has authorized the listing of these connections to other-minded Esoterics.

The man who's art epitomises the esoteric & unusual. You may recognise his work from PBS' Mystery.
Edward Gorey

The mind that brought you Twin Peaks & Lost Highway. The God of bizzare cinema.
David Lynch

The genius who created the 'Hitchhiker's Guide Of The Galaxy' has sadly passed away. He & his mind will be greatly missed. PTA strongly suggests that you read his work. You'll be greatly rewarded by the action.
Douglas Adams' Homepage

A gathering taking place in the dark of night...or maybe just a bunch of really talented fellows who like what they do?
Lesser Unknown God

A digital master of the cyber-arts.
Chris Adams: Artist/Animator

She's the greatest editor that I've ever known..& the most patient.
Bari's Bio
Bio #2
Her IMDB page

The best cooking show was created by the mind of this guy! What?...cooks are artists to!

A new site featuring the work of the esoteric writer, director, & cinematographer Adam Barnick.

His IMDB page
His first major released motion picture! MAINSTREAM

The East coast chapter of the gloabally known ASIFA orgaanization. Eternally pursuing animated art in all forms!

Animators uniting across the East Coast for the cause of animation. Join them & salvation shall follow!
Animators Unite, Inc.

A brand spankin' new animation studio for the 21st century.
Inky Dinky Animation Studios

The world wide web's network for everything animated....& then some!
Animation World Network

The crusaders of artist's rights! They fight for those that create!
Graphic Artists Guild

Where's there's foo, theire's fire! And where's there fire, there's Smokey!
The fireman, not the bear. NOTARY SOJAK!!
The Official Smokey Stover Website!

Question: What's a 'Nixie'? Answer: A water sprite..and an extremely talented artist with claws!!!
One talented mind. Pages & pages of fabulous artwork!
This is her brand new page. Pay it a visit & rejoice! Negamii Productions
This one is one of her older pages. Another must see!The Crow's Homepage

A teacher with a lot of compassion & wisdom. PTA recomends Haiku George with a side of Bav.
Elizabeth's Homepage

A artist who has mastered not only art, but also kick-boxing. Take a look at both of her sites & be amazed.
Tenth Planet Art
Along with her constantly updated 'Mighty Ducks:The Animated Series' fun & message board at Calio Sidhe's art

A triad of artists making their mark on the net & beyond. Tania, Rachel & Vicki bring you...

Three secret agents, one frustrated commanding officer and lots of explosives. Visit the comic that made 'Aww, nuts' funny again.
The Adventures of Team-V

The name doesn't tell you a thing about what it is. Just go see what you see in it.
Exploding Dog
Scales and a frill that can knock out a gorilla. It must be Lizardbeth.
Lizardbeth's Realm

A musical group with a sound all their own. Listen to their sound clips & let them hypnotise you.
Tin Hat Trio's Homepage

It seems that every animation studio has one common thread, they all have one They Might Be Giants fan in them.
Coincidence? Or conspiracy?
They Might Be Giants

Listen to the creations of this composer & you'll be transported to a higher state of musical appreciation & understanding. Then have some pie.
The music of Kevin Riepl

They come in peace, & in the name of sci-fi-surf-rock!
Man Or Astroman

Only one man has a sound like this..& that man is Sean Penn's little brother...the TALENTED one!
Michael Penn

A musician with a flair for the unique. Journey to his page & wonder at all his accumulated knowledge.
The Invisible Blazoona

Let this musicial artist with a voice of an angel straight from the roaring 20's educate you in the misunderstood art of playing cutlery.
Musical Spoons Homepage

Ladies & gentlemen, The Utterly Fantastic & Totally Unbelievable Sound Of...
Los Straitjackets!

Audio artwork at it's best!

Still think the moon landings were faked? Then I pitty you. Let Phill Plait educate you where the conspiracies and movies get science wrong.
Bad Astronomy

The nightsky is full of wonders, if you just know where to look. Be sure to check his list of satellites in your sky, when they pass overhead & where they're comming down!
Dr. Sky's page of Astronomy & Aeronautics

One of the best backyard astronomy magazines for the youngsters. Be sure to look for Ulysses 4-11, Bolo & Beke.
Odyssey Magazine

A great source of star charts for those of you looking for Quazars & Pulsars in your backyard.
National Geographic's Interactive Star Charts

Hey! Would you like to understand cosmic string theory? Sure, we ALL do!
Dr. Michio Kaku, Prof. of Theoretical Physics

The computer Juggernaught that embodies mainstream esoterica...whatever that is.
Apple Computer

Yet another constantly updated macintosh news site of reliable reputation.
Covering the less official side of Macintosh rumors is this little known secret.
As The Apple turns

The inventors of the best Mac video game...& also one of the first, Maelstrom!
Ambrosia Software

For Up-to-the-minute Macintosh coverage everyday, there's no substitue.

The creator of the term 'Fortean' was Mr. Charles Fort. He is dead now. This is his magazine.
Fortean Times

The master of UFO's, Chem-Trails & Cryptids has returned from retirement!
Coast To Coast AM

Every town has a local myth, a story, and an abandoned insane asylum. Why should New Jersey be any different?
Weird NJ

'But I don't live in New Jersey!', you sob. Don't fret! Weird NJ has thought of everything!
Weird U.S.

Go there. See it. Understand it. Learn.
The Coral Castle

Novelty? Or forerunner?
The Death Clock

From Sedona New Mexico, the rantings of an ex-Walter Cronkite / NASA liason.
The Enterprise Mission

A site that will be missed. Its fortean address will be memorialized here for now on.
The Unexplained Site

From the U.K. comes this mag about..hey look, more odd stuff.
Fate Magazine

Bari Lyne's Vemma miracle drink
Vemma Drinks
Because he IS a big fat idiot.

Graphic printing services done by professionals!
Ideal Graphic Company, Inc.

An archive of all the gee-gaws that decended upon the world in the decade of neon, a.k.a. the 80's. Set brains for 'Flashback' now!

If you liked the old Disney Afternoon, then you should het a kick out of this.
The Disney Afternoon file Time (or DAFT)!
Comming to you from the wilds of Conneticut, the one radio show that's not afraid to play...nothing.
Radio Nothing

The is the reigning king of all holidays...shame Australia doesn't have it yet.
Halloween Online

Go here if you're sick of PTA ranting all day about pumpkins.
Jack O'

A center for knowledge that follows PTA's yearning for classic esoterica & the unusual.
The Institute Of Official Cheer

The center of the Institute's power. PTA approves!

Get your board, your SPF 30+ & your life insurance!
Planet Surf

Homestar Runner

The Brotherhood of the Blade Alliance
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Dinosaur Art by scullyraptor
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