What makes this Juston DeCristofaro qualified to draw stuff?

School of Visual Arts, Manhatan
-Bachelor of Fine Arts, Animation Major

BEDBATHSTORE.COM (Lynbrook, NY), (Head of Web Creatives, 2007-2014)
Creating all web graphics, creation of email campaigns, on-site product photography, photo re-touching,
Yahoo Store interface, Intermediate between web clients and management, Tech support,
and logo creation (vector & raster art)

IDEAL GRAPHICS (Middle Island, NY), (Graphic and print artist for products and web design, 2004-2006)
Creating custom artwork for web, silkscreen, and embroidery
Character design, web animation, and logo creation (vector & raster art)

LANCO PROMOTIONS (Hauppauge, NY), (Graphic and print artist for fast-paced distributor, 2003-2004)
Creating custom artwork for silkscreen, pad print, and film printing (vector & raster art)
Adapting client’s artwork for silkscreen, pad print, and film printing (vector & raster art)

SMOKEY STOVER L.L.C. (Southold, NY), (Web designer and internet strategy consultant, 2002-Present)
PC/Macintosh/Internet Tech support
Computer instruction
Web and Graphic design
Host allocation and maintenance
Creating custom artwork for style-specific merchandise

PATCHOGUE / MEDFORD LIBRARY, (Young Adult/Audio-Visual Page, 2001-2003)
PC/Macintosh/Internet Tech support and instruction
Patron interaction & relations
Running A/V presentations
Digital & analog A/V equipment repair
Website graphics / Graphic design
Archival search & retrieval

INKY DINKY ANIMATION (Stony Brook, NY), (Traditional Animator / Storyboard Artist, 2001-2003)
Story boarding
Animator and & clean up artist
Key drawing, inbetweening
Layouts & backgrounds
Graphic & Character design
Creating press release & series proposal / promotional material
Website graphics / Graphic design

Key drawing, inbetweening & Clean-up

4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT INC. (NYC), (Freelance, 2006)
Storyboard Clean-up for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

JUMBO PICTURES (NYC), (Intern, 1994)
Shooting pencil tests & Running animatics
Animation clean-up & Cell Painting
Assembling character and prop model sheets
Graphic & Character design
Creating press release & series proposal / promotional material
Worked on Eureka's Window, Doug, Sports Benders

Suffolk County Library Association/Vol.24, no.2. Jun/Jul/Aug 2002
Editorial cartoon
Published June 2002

Suffolk County Library Association/Vol.25, no.2. Mar/Apr/may 2003
Editorial cartoon
Published March 2003

Disney at SVA
Article for Visual Opinion Magazine, of the School of Visual Arts - NYC.
Published April 1995

QuarkXPxpress, Adobe Creative Suite CS-CS6, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, HTML coding, FTP website management & design, GIF creation, Macromedia Director, Flash, iMovie, Sound editing, Microsoft Office, Icon and GUI design(Mac and Windows), computer instruction and technical support experience.
www.paradoxtulpaarts.com / www.adambarnick.com
www.smokey-stover.com / www.spookythecat.com
Windows (versions 3.1, – 8), Mac OS (OS 6 – OS X 10.10.4)

Storyboard artist & Graphical Storytelling
Fast character design, sketching and inking skills
Traditional & stop-motion animation
Life drawing, painting (water, acrylic & oil), sculpture
Film editing experience (film (16mm) and digital)
Sales & retail (friendly and attentive customer interaction)
Record keeping / typing (55 words per minute)
Librarian and organizational skills

Animation, Art, Cooking, Science and Technology, Celtic/Irish cultural study, Nature & wildlife, Astronomy & Cosmology, Current Events, ASIFA-East International Film Organization member (2000-Present)


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