October 31st
The eve before the first month of the Celtic calendar.
The eve of the new Celtic new year.
& the offical holiday of Paradox Tulpa Arts.

Every October I get in the car, clear out the trunk & drive.
Stopping only long enough for coffee,.
my journey takes me deep into farmer's territory.
I hunt for pumpkins to be carved into temporary public art.
The gourds you'll see on this page took about one to three hours to carve.
And I carve'em better than a certain inside trading convict!


But wait! You're saying to yourself,

Let's face it, it's not Halloween without a Jack O'Lantern,
but looking for that perfect pattern can be frustrating.

This is how it works...

You E-Mail me a description of exactally what you would like to see on your next Jack
Your pattern can be almost ANYTHING!
If your pattern is a portrait of somoeone, attach the photo that you would like me to work off of in your e-mail.

I design a pattern from your description and e-mail you a sample-example of what your finished Jack O'Lantern will look like all carved and lit up!
Upon your approval of the pattern's design, payment can be made through PayPal.
The usual design runs $5.00 (U.S.) per pattern. If PayPal's not your thing, no problem! I also accept money orders.

Upon receipt of payment, I e-mail a high resolution copy of your pumpkin pattern to you along with instructions on how to best carve your new creation.

Please do not redistribute these images without our permission.

All materials on the Paradox Tulpa Arts webpage are created/copywritten/protected by Juston DeCristofaro.
2011 Juston DeCristofaro