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This update was published 10/31/Twenty Hundred & Six.
"Snatha'n fada, ta'tliu'r falsa."

5 New Storyboard samples have been added
The Graphic Arts Page has been reorganized
The Illustration page has also been redesigned

10 Guest picts have been added to the Guest Art Page


Merchandise Page Has FINALLY been made! 6 years int he making...sort of.
PTA is offering
PTA related merchendise!
Official Greyology cult-gear!

And swag to make your friends question your sanity!

Miscellaneous Section: Has been updated
More Dux section: Has been updated
Group Mighty Dux section: Has been updated
Friends of a Feather section: Has been updated
Calista section: Has been updated
Misc Mighty Dux section: Has been updated
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Creating Tip#13: You can draw with bullet heads.

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